A DIABETES group in Dorset is urging people suffering from the disease to attend their education sessions, following an increase in cases of diabetes in the county.

There has been a three per cent rise in cases in Dorset over the last three years, with 39,000 local people now living with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes UK West Dorset Group is running a series of educational events, reaching out to people with diabetes in order to offer them more information about their diagnosis.

Type 1 diabetes, in which the body cannot produce insulin, accounts for 10 per cent of diagnoses and it is not yet known what causes the condition, which is not preventable.

Type 2 diabetes is a more serious lifelong condition that can lead to potentially fatal complications, but it can be treated by making changes to diet and exercise routines.

"All of these things can be avoided," said West Dorset group chair Shona Freeborn.

"We own our own bodies, but we cannot do that unless we have the knowledge.

"That is why this group does what it does.

"We want to help people manage their own conditions because it is a very complex disease and there are so many issues around it, so we need to help people look after themselves."

The West Dorset group will hold their AGM on February 10 at the Dorford Centre in Dorchester, starting at 7pm.

The meeting will allow people living with diabetes to discuss the condition with others who have been through the same issues and there are also opportunities to get more heavily involved with Diabetes UK's work.

Shona said: "We urgently need new committee members and volunteers to support our work in Dorset.

"If you have an interest in helping others find out their risk of developing diabetes, and promoting the work of the group, helping connect with people with the condition and supporting our group meetings, come along to our AGM to find out more."

To find out more about Diabetes UK and its work in the Dorset area, email south.west@diabetes.org.uk or call 01823 448260.


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