A RETIRED nurse with decades of hands on experience with diabetes has given her support to a book of top tips for those living with the condition.

Shona Freeborn, from Weymouth, diagnosed her husband Tim with type one diabetes in 1980.

Since then, the retired nurse has immersed herself in a number of diabetes charities and organisations.

Now the 60 year-old has joined a host of celebrity names giving tips to diabetics and their loved ones called 100 things I wish I’d known about diabetes.

She said: “When I diagnosed Tim I had lots of professional experience but we had to make changes to everyday life.

“Coping with a diagnosis can be hard for carers and families too.

“Diabetes UK has a local group who can support people with the condition."

Shona has been volunteering with Diabetes UK for over four years, serves as the chairwoman of West Dorset Diabetes UK and has recently become a Diabetes UK Service Champion.

Claire Gordon, the South West’s regional manager for Diabetes UK, thanked Shauna for her wisdom gained from hands on experience with the condition.

She said: “We are really grateful to Shona for drawing on her own experience of living with diabetes to share advice with others who are affected by the condition in our new book.

“Every two minutes someone is diagnosed with diabetes and people often tell us they are left in despair and fell like they have no one to turn to.

“But that doesn’t need to be the case.

“People with diabetes are the real experts in living with the condition and this is why we have published this book, bringing together pieces of advice from people with the condition across every part of life with diabetes.

“Having this book is like having a best friend in the room who knows exactly what you are going through and can offer tried and tested advice.

“Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, if you’ve just been diagnosed or you’ve had diabetes for many years, this book offers invaluable support and insight.”

The celebrity names giving tips in the book include Philip Schofield, Eastenders actor Jonny Labey and rugby player Chris Pennell.

To order a free copy of the book, call Diabetes UK on 0800 035 5626 or visit diabetes.org.uk/100things