Hi readers.

When we heard Adam Hills was coming to Yeovil, we were itching to go.

If you’ve only seen him on TV, well, his live shows are even better. We’ve seen him before and loved it, so knew we wanted to go again!

Luckily, Laura (who helps us edit our column) got some great front row seats and a group of us went together.

It was a totally brilliant evening! What’s so special about Adam’s shows is that they are always different and involve lots of audience participation. We love how engaging, witty, warm and clever he is, but especially how he makes people feel uplifted, even those he picks on.

He’s got a special gift of making people feel comfortable and relaxed, like you know him as a friend, as well as bringing joy and laughter.

He began the show just naturally chatting to everyone. Within an hour most of the audience had taken part in a huge conga style shoulder rub wave and he’d taken on a challenge by a man in a wheelchair for a chin-driven wheelchair race! There was more but we don’t have space.

Towards the end of the show we couldn’t believe our eyes when Adam appeared with a bucket bearing the People First Dorset charity logo. He then stood in the foyer, chatting to the audience as they left, and collecting a whopping £611.

He then spent ages talking to us. We showed him our column, which he loved.

So now we are even bigger fans and agree with Echo reporter Catherine, who came with us, and said “You meet a lot of people in real life and they don't live up to expectations, but Adam Hills totally exceeded all of them.”

Thank you Adam for a fantastic evening. Please come again to Dorset – you’re always welcome!

Adam and William are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset.