THE Conservative candidate for Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner has been announced. 

Andrew Graham, an ex-Army officer and a youth charity chief executive has been selected as the candidate for the election which takes place in May. 

He is the chief executive of the youth development and education charity, the British Exploring Society. 

Mr Graham also has more than 30 years in the military, reaching the rank of Lieutenant General.
He said: “If elected as PCC I will work with the Government and local agencies to make sure Dorset residents get the police force they deserve, lowering crime and making our communities safer.

“I believe firmly in working with others to tackle problems and ensure effective use of police resources.”

The party said that his work with the charity means he understands the need to engage with and protect vulnerable young people and through his connections with Combat Stress is also committed to tackling mental health issues by collaborating with other agencies. 

His work in the Army means that he is used to working closely with the police to tackle complex security needs, such as in Northern Ireland and is also used to managing budgets and scarce resources. 

His military experience of over 30 years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant General, also involved him working closely with the police to tackle complex security needs, in particular in Northern Ireland, as well as managing budgets and scarce resources.

Labour announced last week they have selected Patrick Canavan to be their candidate for Dorset.

The election takes place on May 5. Incumbent Martyn Underhill has put himself forward for a further four year term.