A CAR was destroyed in a fire in Weymouth in the early hours of today.

Firefighters were alerted to Lanehouse at just before 3am.

The location was initially given as Tollerdown Road but a resident said it was actually in the car park behind flats in Benville Road.

He said: "I saw smoke and heard a bang and went and had a look.

"The fire service was already on the scene.

"It was a big fire, I would say the flames were up to the first floor of the flats."

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service received eight emergency calls about the incident.

Firefighters tackled the blaze but the vehicle was destroyed.

A brigade spokesman said one crew from Weymouth was sent initially but another fire engine equipped with special firefighting foam was requested shortly after.

Dorset Police said it was informed of the incident but a spokesman said as it is not malicious, there will be no police involvement.

She said: "We've been told by the fire service the cause of the fire is accidental.

"I believe someone has been working on the car in the last few days."