Hi readers,

Today we are going to talk about our relationship with food.

Ever since I can remember I (Adam) have known that food comforts me when I feel sad. When I was at a boarding college, I used to eat chocolate and crisps when I missed home.

You might think that it stopped when I left college but well, no, the habit has continued and I still sometimes comfort eat to this day. It’s a lot better now as I am starting to understand what triggers it – usually when something is on my mind and bothering me.

When I eat that chocolate bar, it makes me feel good for a short time. But it doesn’t last long and then I might go and have more chocolate and the pattern starts all over again. I’m lucky though because as soon as I feel I am putting on weight I can easily pull back on the treats.

So, this year I am taking control and only eating comfort food for an energy boost, instead of using it to comfort eat.

While writing this article it’s made me think about eating some chocolate, but I have resisted.

I (William) suggested an idea which might help. I don’t comfort eat, but do need to lose weight. I eat tea early so am often hungry later. When that happens I just have a couple of rice cakes or clementines, which are healthy, and I can sleep without hunger pangs!

Other ways are to distract ourselves with something more pleasant, such as going for a walk, watching tv, reading or picking up the phone to a friend.

If you have a similar relationship with food and want it to change, then join us and take control of it. Don’t let it control you either!

Adam and William are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset.