PEOPLE on Portland are being asked to look out for a domesticated silver fox. 

Maddie Bates, from The Grove, has been keeping Freda as a pet for the past two years.

The animal, however, has been missing since Thursday, March 10. 

There have since been sightings of the fox in The Grove, Weston and Portland Port. 

Maddie said: "I'm getting a bit worried as she's getting further and further away.

"It seems like she's got some friends. People are reporting she's been seen with a red fox."

Maddie is concerned the fox may come to harm.

"The lifespan of a wild fox is only two years because they get shot, poisoned or run over.

"I'm concerned because it is lambing season."

The RSPCA recommends people shouldn't try to tame foxes or hand-feed them.

This is because it may encourage foxes to approach people who may not like them and take action against them.

Maddie said domesticated silver foxes can be bought as exotic pets in England. 

She said: "She's very hard work but it's like having a cat."

Since sharing a post on Facebook, Maddie said she had been contacted by people asking how they can get a silver fox as a pet. 

She said: "If you don't know how to get one, you haven't researched it enough."

Maddie also cares for another two-year-old silver fox called Boo. Both have a large enclosure. 

Since Freda's disappearance, Maddie said Boo had gone off his food and could be heard pining. 

Maddie has set humane live traps on the island in order to catch Freda but her resources are limited.

She said: "I've only got two (traps). Two's not enough for the whole island."

Maddie is keen to hear from anyone who spots Freda and anyone who may be able to provide humane traps. 

If you have any information about the silver fox, please call Maddie on 07825250113.


POLICE are investigating reports of poisoned meat being left in a field on Portland. 

Reports emerged on social media at the weekend about an incident near Bumpers Lane. 

A spokeswoman for Dorset Police confirmed they received a call on Sunday. 

Concern was raised for people who may walk their dogs in the field. 

Police will make further enquiries. 

It is illegal to poison foxes. The government's Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme investigates deaths of wildlife where pesticide poisoning may be involved.

Anyone with further information relating to this incident should call Dorset Police on 101 quoting incident number 20:197.