A DOMESTICATED silver fox that went missing on Portland for nearly a fortnight has been found.

Freda, aged two, was reported missing by owner Maddie Bates on March 10. 

Following twelve days of uncertainty and a social media appeal, her husband Dave found the fox in Portland Port. 

Maddie said: "We've got her. She's driving home in Dave's car. I'm really pleased."

The fox had been spotted at various locations around the island, including The Grove, Weston, and Portland Port.

It was a sighting at Portland Port yesterday which piqued Maddie's interest. 

The couple visited the area last night after a tip-off and spotted Freda.

Having had her cornered, Freda managed to push away the live trap and scamper.

Earlier this afternoon Freda managed to catch herself out after becoming trapped in a tube at Portland Port. 

It just so happened Dave had returned to have another look for Freda. 

Maddie said: "She just happened to be where he was looking."

Freda will now be reunited with her brother Boo. Both share a large enclosure at Maddie's house. 

Freda is thought to have escaped initially after being briefly let loose in the garden, getting over a six foot high fence. 

Maddie said: "Now she's not going in the garden. I've learned my lesson.

"Thank you to everybody for their help."

Maddie said she had been left 'really worried' by Freda's disappearance. 

She said: "I just want to get home and give her a hug."