A PROSTATE cancer survivor recently given the all clear is telling his story to urge other men to get themselves checked early for the disease.

Rod Coverly, from Abbotsbury, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in July 2014 and had surgery to have his prostate removed in January 2015.

Prostate Cancer UK says that a man dies every hour in the UK of prostate cancer.

After his battle against the cancer, Rod has been given the all clear.

Rod said: “I had the operation and had my prostate removed completely.

“I was given the all clear about two or three weeks ago, I’m cancer free.”

To help encourage other men to get themselves diagnosed no matter how minor their symptoms seem, Rod has told the story of his diagnosis.

He said: “When I went to the toilet and I tried to wee it would just spray all over the place. I put that to my doctor and he sent me to see the urologist. I went to see the doctor for something different and I just happened to mention it.”

From here, Rod was diagnosed and was given several options as the cancer had not yet spread.

He chose to have his prostate removed as this would prevent the cancer from spreading.

Rod though has now recovered and is enjoying life.

He said: “I’m incontinent, which is inconvenient but at least I’ve got my life back.

“It’s great, absolutely, I feel 100 per cent. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Rod has reflected on the dark times he suffered following his diagnosis but is once again happy and moving forward. He said: “It was scary. I had thoughts of committing suicide and all that because I didn’t want to be a burden on anybody. It was really really scary but now I’ve got my life and I’m happy.”

Over the past year, Rod has held several fundraisers for Prostate Cancer UK and has now told his story so more men go and get themselves tested, no matter how minor the symptoms.

Rod is a supporter of Men United, the Prostate Cancer UK movement, for people who believe men are worth fighting for. It encourages people to do something big or small to try and beat prostate cancer. Rod has held pub quizzes and walks to raise money for charity.