Hi readers

Today we share an unexpected afternoon at one of our editing meetings. We arrived early at Carluccios and, as it was sunny, sat outside to wait for Laura, who helps us edit the column.

We noticed an elderly gentleman standing near us, clearly lost and confused. Two Brewery Square management team were trying to help him. One of them was Charlotte, who we met when the BBC filmed us ice staking at Brewery Square.

Laura soon arrived and she helped them find out the gentleman’s name and address. Luckily an off-duty policeman came along and they all walked with the confused man, up to the police station. As no one answered, they started to walk him back to Carluccios, when a police lady drove past and recognised the man. It turns out she had helped him home two weeks ago when he was lost. She told everyone to get the man back to the station and she would take him home. Phew.

That wasn’t all. Meanwhile, as we sat on Carluccios balcony and ordered our drinks, we heard loud arguing opposite. When we looked over we saw a fight between two men in the market car park. They were shouting loudly and although we were safe, it put us on our guard and made us feel a bit vulnerable.

We heard later one of these men also turned up at the police station to report he’d just been beaten up!

So, all a bit unexpected and not what we see every day in Dorchester. We think it’s a good example of there being times to get involved and help people, like supporting the elderly man get home safely. But there are also times when it’s wise to stand back – like not going to join the two men arguing!

Adam and William are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset.