RESIDENTS have slammed incoming parking restrictions as ‘unworkable’ and ‘ridiculous’ after it was revealed they would no longer be able to park outside their houses for two hours a day.

People living on Wessex Road, in Dorchester have criticised new parking restrictions being put in place by Dorset County Council.

They are unhappy that they were not informed that the restrictions will be coming in and are unsure about where they will now park.

Wessex Road Debbie McMahon contacted the Echo after spotting council staff measuring the street and asked them what was happening, they told her they were doing it for new restrictions.

She then went and spoke to several of her neighbours who also said that they had not been informed of the changes.

The change will see no waiting allowed down one side of Wessex Road between 10am and 11am and 2pm and 3pm Monday to Friday, with the same restrictions imposed intermittently down the other side.

Ms McMahon said: “It would mean that everyone who lives in the road would have to go out. It’s outrageous.

“There is an awful amount of residents in this road who know nothing about it for one thing.

“It’s totally unworkable, it is ridiculous.”

While Ms McMahon acknowledged that many residents work during the day, she said that there are many elderly people on the road who don’t go out and some people work evenings and from home.

Residents on the street have long called for change to try and stop workers from nearby offices and the hospital parking on the street but Ms McMahon said that this is not the solution.

She said that residents would prefer a parking permit scheme, so that they could still park outside their houses but it would forbid nearby workers to join them.

The council did advertise consulting on the changes but residents are upset that they weren’t asked about the decision that DCC came to.

A spokesman said: “New parking restrictions are being put in place on Wessex Road, following consultation with residents, that included advertising in the Dorset Echo, in October, and street notices.

“The restriction will prevent all day parking by people who work nearby. The signage will state that there is no parking for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.”