Hi readers

Do you people watch? Now we go out and about more, not only do we see more people, but find it fascinating how others behave. So interesting in fact that we want to write about it today.

One of the reasons we like people watching is that we find it comforting. It helps us feel more connected to others, even if we are on our own, and especially if someone returns our smile.

There are so many opportunities to people watch too – on trains, walking to work, during our editing meetings, at Friendship Club events, out with family and even on TV, like Gogglebox.

Sometimes watching people can bring up different emotions within us. For example, if we see people smiling and happy, we might feel good too. Or if we see a couple being romantic, it might make us want a girlfriend. But if we see people arguing or say a mother shouting at her children, it can make us feel uncomfortable, cross and sad.

In fact, it feels like we could put together a nature programme – about humans! We’d love to see someone like David Attenborough talking about the ‘human species’, to aliens from a different planet. It would have to be an extremely long programme as people are so complex and display many different behaviours. Think about it, we humans are very evolved and mostly civilised, but sometimes behave like untamed animals. Some people fight, others are giving, some are lazy, and that’s just scratching the surface!

Finally a tip. When people watching, be careful not to stare too much as it might make the people you are watching feel uncomfortable, or even angry. So enjoy people watching and use it, like we do – to help and also remind ourselves that people might be watching us too!

Adam and William are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset.