DORSET County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is set to run out of cash to cover its costs by September.

DCH’s director of finance, Libby Walters, revealed that due to the size of the hospital’s deficit, the trust will soon run out of cash for day-to-day operations.

She was speaking at a meeting of DCH’s Council of Governors.

As reported in the Dorset Echo, the trust is preparing for a deficit of £9.1 million this year, it also ended the last financial year with a deficit of £5.5 million.

Mrs Walters said that if things carry on at the way they are, the hospital will soon run out of cash and will have to seek national funding.

She said: “We will run out of cash. We’ll have to apply for national money.

“If we carry on at the rate we are, we’re looking to run out of cash by September this year.

“It’s very challenging times.”

She also said that it is going to take a five-year plan to turn around the hospital’s financial situation.

The hospital’s cash position reflects the money available for the day-to-day running of the hospital.

A spokesman for the hospital said: “Because of the size of our deficit will not have sufficient cash to cover our costs by September.

“We will need national cash support from NHS Improvement and we are working with them to secure this. Lots of other trusts are in the same position.”

The spokesman said they wished to reassure people that plans were in place to ensure the hospital does not run out of cash and there will be sufficient cash available to cover the hospital’s costs from September.

NHS Improvement is working to help the NHS meet its short-term challenges and secure its future, it oversees foundation trusts and offers support to them while helping to make sure local health systems are financially stable.

Of 240 NHS providers in the country, 157 reported a deficit last year, with DCH saying it is in line with the national picture.

At the meeting, governor Michel Hooper-Immins, expressed concerns about the deficit.

He said: “The numbers are getting bigger every year.

“Is the NHS under-funded? It does seem to be a worry that every trust is in deficit.

“I’m starting to wonder what the long term fix is.”

The hospital has said that plans are in place to make savings through efficiencies and is looking to alternative ways of delivering services which do not compromise quality of care for patients.

Governor, Andy Hutchings, called for more funding to be made available.

He said: “This hospital gives outstanding treatment. Simply it must be funded. They have got to fund the NHS.

“This hospital gives wonderful treatment to the residents of this borough and long may it remain.”