A SONG featuring the work of three Dorset musicians is set to be the soundtrack of National Badger Week.

The Badger and The Wren was written by former Bere Regis resident Linda Lamon to support Brian May's Save Me charity, which is fighting to protect badgers in response to recent culls.

Linda worked on the song with musicians Martin Hall-Kenny, from Dorchester, and Lynton Guest, from Bere Regis.

It is now being feature on the Badger Trust's dedicated website for National Badger Week, which runs from June 25 to July 2.

Badger culls are expected to be back in the headlines this summer with expressions of interests from farmers in a number of counties including Dorset.

The Badger Trust is urging people across the country to show support for our native creatures and claims scientific evidence shows culling as a method of combatting Bovine TB is not working.

Earlier this year, a new European badger protection network, which includes the Badger Trust, was formed.

Following its launch in the European Parliament in Strasbourg Eurobadger met with senior representatives of the European Commission in Brussels.

Badger Trust CEO, Dominic Dyer said: "The meeting with the European Commission was very constructive and positive.

"We are very pleased to see the increasing pressure on the UK and Irish Governments to focus their attention on proven cattle based measures to reduce the spread of bovine TB, rather than the continuation of the disastrous, cruel costly badger culls."

Speaking about the importance of National Badger Week, he added: "Badgers are one of our most important native species that have survived in our landscapes despite the constant threat of persecution, destruction of their habitats and death on our roads.

"It is time we recognised their value and importance to our eco system and celebrated their strength, beauty and resilience in the face of the many threats they encounter every day."

Visit the National Badger Week website at nationalbadgerweek.org.uk