Hello fellow cave men and women!

This week we wanted to write about the evolution of man and how things have moved on and how lucky we are, but that it's not all positive. We hope you enjoy!

Until recently I lived as Neanderthal man, in a cave, by the sea. My main company was wildlife. My daily routine was lovely and simple. Get up, gather some firewood and clean water, hunt for food, then cook and eat it.

Then, one normal day while out hunting I noticed a flint-stone letter washed up on the beach. It spoke of big and brilliant changes ahead, affecting everyone. A map showed trees being cut down and things called houses being built, which people lived in, and people eating in other buildings. There was an airport, whatever that was, with scary monsters in the air. The letter indicated I must leave the island as it would be destroyed.

I tried to ignore it but two days later another flint-stone letter washed up. It told me, at exactly 12pm, I would be transported into the future. I didn’t know what to think.

True to the letter, at 12pm I suddenly found myself in, what I now call my flat, in a ‘city’. It was big, noisy and dirty. I was in total shock. I now also looked like a 21st century human. Scary. Luckily, another Neanderthal bloke called Gork, who was transported some years earlier, guided me through the first year.

A year later. I work in a supermarket. I have a girlfriend. I like some modern things like lights and flushing toilets. But I don’t like so many people in one place. I wonder why people are always on their phones or the internet. I like being here but miss my simple life.

I don’t know if I am going back so while I’m here, my message to modern people is make the most of what you have. You just don’t know if it might all be suddenly taken away!

Adam and William are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset