A SCOTTISH sailor is set to land in Weymouth in the midst of a challenge to raise money for a painful medical condition.

Brian Munro, 42, has embarked on a voyage to circumnavigate the UK in his 26ft Westerly Centaur yacht - the Lauren Sophia.

He has taken on the challenge to raise money for the Organisation for the Understanding of Cluster Headache (OUCH).

Brian's partner, Lisa Strachan, suffers from cluster headache, which is a rare condition characterised by intense pain behind the eyes for periods ranging from 45 minutes to three hours.

The condition is also known as 'suicide headache' because of the tendency for some sufferers to take their own lives due to the intensity of the pain.

Sufferers can experience up to eight attacks a day and the lifelong condition is incurable.

It affects approximately two in 1,000 of the population.

Brian said: "I am looking to raise as much money and awareness as I can for OUCH.

"My partner suffers from this horrible illness, which is not really widely known about."

Lisa added: "I am so proud of Brian for what he’s doing - not only for raising money for a charity close to my heart but for following his dream and making it happen.

"I hope to join him for some of his journey and can’t wait to meet our new friends in Weymouth."

Rob Chapman, 44, of Shaftesbury is looking to welcome Brian to Dorset when he arrives between Wednesday, July 6 and Friday, July 8.

He said: "As a lifelong sufferer of this awful condition, OUCH is a lifeline to me and I am delighted and truly grateful to Brian for this tremendous effort.

"I want to make a big fuss of him when he comes into Weymouth and raise as much money as we can."

Colin Allen, vice chairman of OUCH UK, said the charity was "very grateful" to receive Brian's support.

He added: "We provide support for hundreds of people around the UK via our telephone helpline and raise general awareness of cluster headache within the medical profession and the general public.

"Brian’s efforts will help to ensure we can continue our work and reach out to even more people this year."

To make a donation to Brian's campaign, visit his OUCH fundraising page.