CAST and crew from a Hollywood blockbuster are gearing up to cause a commotion in Weymouth this week as filming takes place in the town for Dunkirk.

Excitement in Weymouth is mounting as more notices have been put up and parking suspended in preparation for the filmmakers coming on Wednesday.

Film props and replica luggage bags and wooden boxes have been stored on the harbour.

The film, which stars actor Tom Hardy, One Direction singer Harry Styles and Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy, is shooting scenes for the Second World War epic in Weymouth harbour.

Mayor of the borough of Weymouth and Portland, Richard Kosior, has called for the town to embrace the filming and Weymouth and Portland’s role in the epic.

Cllr Kosior said: “I think it’s a positive thing for Weymouth and puts Weymouth on the map.

“There will be some disruption but it’s part and parcel for becoming famous.”

He added: “As long as Weymouth and Portland are credited by the filmmakers, I would just say to the residents please bear with it and be positive.”

A casting call last month by Warner Brothers at Weymouth Pavilion had local residents signing up to be part of the action as extras.

Filming is expected to start in the harbour on Wednesday, from 11am to 11pm, and continue on Thursday from 2pm until 2am.

Tuesday will act as a set up day for the crew as they prepare to film.

Swanage railway station is also being transformed into a film set for the epic that chronicles the evacuation of 330,000 Allied troops who were surrounded by Nazi forces in France.​ The film, also starring Sir Kenneth Branagh, recently shot scenes for Dunkirk in France under the codename Bodega Bay. The same codename was used for the casting call in Weymouth.

Street closures will affect Custom House Quay, Pilgrim Way and South Parade. There will be limited berthing space for boats and some may be requested to go to Weymouth or Portland Marina. Notices to mariners said that the water will be closed to all vessels for short periods of time up to 10 minutes in length during filming.

Some dressing boats will be moored to temporary moorings placed in the main river and pedestrian and vehicle access around the harbour may likewise be controlled during filming.

The filming will also see the lifeboat berthed in a temporary position and Weymouth Sailing Club will be clearing vessels from moorings and yards, usage of the Fish Landing Quay may only be used with prior approval from the Harbour Master.

Operations that run from the ferry steps, including cross-harbour rowing ferries and boat trips will be closed from Tuesday to Thursday.

Items of infrastructure will be removed from around the harbour and extra items will be added to transform the area to the look of the period of the film.

The fishing gear stored adjacent to the fish landing quay will be moved to the ferry port.