WEYMOUTH residents took part in some star-spotting last night as Christopher Nolan completed shooting on war movie Dunkirk.

Nolan himself, along with One Direction singer Harry Styles, was spotted in the harbour area where filming took place on Wednesday and Thursday.

Actors Mark Rylance, currently appearing in The BFG, and Cillian Murphy, known for Peaky Blinders and 28 Days Later, have also been spotted in the town this week.

Resident Alex Holloway said: "My wife and I had gone down to watch her work mates play in the volleyball tournament.

"Between games I really wanted to go and see the harbour and get a glimpse of the sets, actors or even my favourite director Christopher Nolan.

"I didn't ever think I'd see anyone let alone the man himself. I was buzzing!

"There was a great atmosphere down there, everyone was chatting. I even told some fellow tourists that the director just walked past."

Amy Johnson, who snapped a picture of Styles, said: "I didn't think I'd see anything but saw people rushing around when we were walking down the pier as the extras were moving to the harbour, so we thought we would walk round the harbour to see anything going on and saw them filming.

"I thought I'd take my camera with me in case we did see anything and luckily we did. Lots of people were excited."

Dunkirk is due to be released in July 2017.

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