Hi readers

This week it’s me, William, talking about my experience of the Brexit journey and how it impacts on people like me, who have a learning disability.

All year, almost every time I turned on the news there was something about Brexit. Should we stay or go? But nothing made it any easier to know which way to vote. In fact, it all just made me feel very confused.

As we all know, the country voted ‘out’. And I am still just as confused. I also worry about what will happen next. The UK political world has turned upside down. Who would have thought that by July, Teresa May would be Prime Minister and we would have a new cabinet? Or that the Labour Party would be even more divided?

I’d like to hear more from the Government, in a way I can understand, about what’s going on. I’d like up to date ‘easy read’ information for people like me, who find main newspapers hard to understand. I want to know things like if being out will harm the peace process with Northern Ireland?

Another thing. Hate Crime has increased since Brexit. The Government released their Action Plan on Hate Crime last week but it does not really address learning disability. Did you know 82% of people with learning disabilities already experience hate crime at some point in their lives? I have. Despite this, we always seem to get left out when there are new initiatives to tackle it.

Writing this article has made me reflect that life is uncertain and can be unfair. Having this column with Adam has given me lots more confidence, and a voice to talk about things, including stuff which affects people with learning disabilities. I’m going to write more. Watch this space.

Adam and William are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset