A REPORTED sighting of an ‘apparition’ at Clouds Hill has prompted renewed interest in the supposed ghost of Lawrence of Arabia.

The sighting, reported to an organisation called the Ghost Club, was apparently made on the morning of Sunday, July 31, by a visitor not from the UK who had never heard of TE Lawrence before.

Ghost Club chairman Alan Murdie is now asking if anyone else has any more information on ghost sightings or experiences in recent years at Clouds Hill, the former home of Lawrence.

Mr Murdie said: “In 2008, as chairman of the Ghost Club, I contributed to the National Trust book Ghosts: Spooky Stories and Eerie Encounters from the National Trust by Sian Evans, which carries an entry on Lawrence’s cottage at Clouds Hill.

“However, the stories of Lawrence haunting the vicinity dated mostly from the 1930s, with the last detailed report of any phenomena being from 1973.”

After his exploits in the First World War, Lawrence joined the Royal Tank Corps, based at Bovington Camp, under an assumed name. He lived at the nearby cottage, Clouds Hill, which is now maintained by the National Trust, and was a frequent visitor to Wareham.

Lawrence died following a crash on his motorbike near Bovington in May 1935.

Mr Murdie said: “It would be most interesting to learn if any readers have information concerning other more recent occurrences.

“Interestingly, the latest witness – who is not originally from the UK – had never heard of T.E. Lawrence before visiting Clouds Hill, and certainly knew nothing of any reputed ghost.”

The Ghost Club, according to its website, is the oldest organisation in the world associated with psychical research.

It was founded in 1862 but has its roots in Cambridge University where, in 1855, fellows at Trinity College began to discuss ghosts.

Past members are listed as Charles Dickens, Siegfried Sassoon, Donald Campbell and Peter Cushing. Today the Ghost Club is a non-profit social club.