A TV double act made a surprise appearance on da beach in Weymouth, with a tank and a giant sandcastle for company.

CBBC presenters Dick and Dom were on Weymouth Beach today as they filmed for their programme Absolute Genius.

And the duo brought their usual brand of carnage with them as well.

Sandworld had put together a giant sandcastle and Dick and Dom then both had a good go at knocking it down, in the name of “science”.

The beach could be seen strewn with watermelons and tennis balls in the afternoon from earlier attempts to demolish the castle before Dick took to a tank to finally destroy it.

A giant catapult could also be seen on the beach which had been used to fling the melons towards the giant creation.

Dick celebrated the castle meeting its end as Dom could only look on in despair.

Filming took place throughout most of the day with a sizeable crowd gathering on the beach at the finale, who applauded to celebrate Dick’s success.

The pair were happy to pose for pictures with onlookers as well with crew making sure the crowd didn’t go home empty-handed, throwing tennis balls off the sand in to the crowd.

The due were filming for the fifth serious of the show in which they study the work of a genius and attempt to recreate one of their ideas.

It remains to be seen which genius’ idea they were recreating with their destruction in Weymouth but it is expected to air later this year.

In 2014, the duo won the children’s presenter BAFTA for their work on the show.

They have now been presenting children’s television for more than 20 years and enjoyed their biggest successes with Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow, which ran between 2002 and 2006.

The show featured the game “bogies” where the duo had to try and shout the word louder than the other one, with the volume gradually increasing.

As the duo were filming on the beach members of the crowd could be heard to shout out bogies as they watched proceedings.

take place.