HUNDREDS of young people gathered at the launch of a scheme hoping to tackle challenges across Weymouth and Portland, whilst also inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Weyforward Ideas League was launched yesterday (Wednesday) at Weymouth Pavilion.

Students from schools including Weymouth College, All Saints, Budmouth College, IPACA came together with mentors helping them to turn their ideas for businesses, apps and community projects in to a reality.

Students took part in workshops, shared ideas, and listened to a keynote speaker as they started developing their ideas.

Then in the afternoon the pressure was on as they practised and delivered their pitches all about their ideas.

Throughout the day, students were supported by mentors from the community and businesses.

The day was designed to introduce the scheme to young people in a practical, hands on way.

The scheme will see business and community challenges issued and young people will submit their ideas to solve the problem.

Some of the ideas generated at the event included an app which allows people's phones to connect up with fitness equipment and a marine life swimming pool, entitled Bazinga.

Baron Miles, from Weyforward said: "We've got representation from everybody. We've got a real variety of students. We're trying to give everyone a chance.

"It's about providing support. We've already got 100 mentors available with 50 here today."

Students received a keynote speech by Andrew Bernard founder of Innovation Enterprise and director of National Careers Week.

Speaking about the scheme, Mr Bernard said: "I think young people really benefit from mentors. They are from somewhere other than school or their parents. Young people will respond differently to someone who has been there and done it.

"To be invited to do this was a real honour."