THIS beautiful county has long been a favourite filming spot for movies and music.

And now multi-awarding winning rockers Enter Shikari, who have had three top ten albums, have joined the fan club.

The video for their new single Hoodwinker shows the four members stranded at sea, instruments an all, aboard a small boat barely big enough for all of them.

If the backdrop looks familiar, that’s because video was shot on the waves off Studland Bay in August this year.

The video shows the band performing, and clearly they rocked the boat too much, because they end up in the water.

The band is made up of bassist Chris Batten, lead vocalist and keyboardist Rou Reynolds, drummer Rob Rolfe and guitarist Rory Clewlow.

Speaking to the Echo, guitarist Rory said: “Rou’s uncle lives near Studland Bay and owns his own fishing boat.

“He offered to let us use it to help with the filming.”

In fact it was the name of Rou’s uncle’s old boat that gave them the idea to call the band ‘Shakiri.’ “He [Rou’s uncle] suggested we film in Studland Bay because of the calm waters and we wanted it to look as though we were in the middle of the ocean with no land near by. It worked perfectly.”

Vocalist Rou said: “Want to try building up your leg muscles, try dancing and keeping your balance on a tiny boat for eight hours straight.

“If it was a rougher day we’d have been in and out of the water constantly. Water was freezing too so we got lucky.”

The song made its way to the top of the iTunes singles chart this week, with the bay featured on the artwork.

The song is a one-off single before the band head in to the studio to start work on their fifth album.

The band have regularly played sell-out shows at the BIC in Bournemouth, last doing so in February this year.

Their debut album Take to the Skies was released in 2007 and reached number four in the charts, with the follow-up Common Dreads reaching number 16 in 2009.

Their last two albums A Flash Flood of Colour and The Mindsweep reached number four and six respectively.

As well as the three top ten albums, two songs have made it in to the UK Top 40 and the band have won a series of NME and Kerrang! awards over the years for their music, gathering a large following of fans in the process.