FROM his father’s Moroccan restaurant in Spain to working at the Michelin star The Mirrabelle and being executive head chef for the Gore Hotel – one Weymouth chef has covered a lot of ground.

But now, Taher Jibet, who has worked in kitchens since the age of 13, is going solo to serve up flavoursome dishes to dinner parties in Weymouth with La Belle Assiette.

With a love for food, the chef has created a unique style of cooking and presentation. His upbringing on the Mediterranean coast taught him to keep things all about the flavour while his training has inspired him when it comes to presentation.

Having created and managed The Dining Room in Weymouth previously, Taher is now providing a bespoke private chef service with a pinch of difference, a dash of flair and a whole load of passion.

Speaking to Taher, he said his favourite thing about food is the possibilities.

He said: “They are endless, you are forever learning of a new ingredient or technique. And of course the inevitable tasting of each and every one of these.

“To think of a new dish and then making it into a reality is like having a mini dream and accomplishing it. I had a chef once tell me to stop messing around because everything that could be invented already has. I should thank him really as that made me want to prove him wrong and only drove me to create more.”

He’s looking forward to the variety of dishes cooking in people’s homes will bring.

“I don’t have to cook the same meals every day as I would in a restaurant. I also offer tuition or cooking classes as well. I want to show people that cooking is all about passion, if you have passion, you can learn to cook.”

The chef, whose favourite cuisine is anything aromatic and spicy was born in Weymouth, and said he’s excited about the expanding foodie scene in Dorset.

He said: “There are a lot of foodies here that appreciate good food. Over the last few years the dining scene has become a lot more refined and it’s a great thing to see.

“There has been a lot of interest in La Belle Assiette and the Secret Chef Dorset. It’s going really well.”