THE waiting is almost over for the county’s petrolheads – a date has been set for Dorset’s starring role in a new TV series.

Fans have been eagerly waiting since Jeremy Clarkson tweeted about filming in the county earlier this year.

He was spotted at Lulworth Range filming with a tank for his Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour.

When the first trailer dropped for the new series in October, it showed a tank was seen at the range blowing up a vehicle.

Now, fans of the show can mark the date in their diary to see all the Dorset footage.

Episode nine of the series, entitled Berks to the Future, will be released on January 6.

Images released of the episode show Clarkson in the tank at Lulworth Range and the tank firing.

The series has seen Clarkson team up with fellow former Top Gear presenters James May and Richard Hammond once again.

A synopsis states: “The Grand Tour travelling tent arrives Stuttgart, Germany, the home of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. In this show, James May takes the new Honda NSX supercar to the Eboladrome to push its cutting-edge hybrid technology to the limit and Richard Hammond immerses himself in the world of doomsday preppers as he constructs a ‘bugout’ vehicle that will allow him to survive a bleak future of nuclear winters, alien invasions and massed herds of zombies. Meanwhile, in a less realistic attempt at engineering, Jeremy Clarkson invents a new kind of fashionable SUV.

“Also in this show, the hosts attempt to meet the future demands of electric cars by harnessing power from the currently untapped actions of everyday life.”

The episode will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime.

In April this year, Clarkson tweeted pictures of himself in Dorset, stating that he was enjoying a “particularly unterrible” Dorset morning and also a picture of the “Dorset rush hour” as a group of cows crossed the road.

The same day he also tweeted a picture of himself on top of a tank at Lulworth Range.

The first episode of The Grand Tour was the biggest premiere on Amazon Prime, with millions of people around the world streaming it.

The Grand Tour is the first project for Clarkson, alongside co-presenters May and Hammond, since he was sacked from Top Gear following an altercation with a producer in March last year.

The series sees the trio presenting from a tent that is travelling around the world, including locations such as California, South Africa and Whitby in the north of England.