RESIDENTS from Maiden Newton have reaffirmed the village's objection against a new housing development proposal which they say will 'ruin' the countryside and is a 'recipe for disaster'.

A revised planning application has been submitted to the council for nine houses to be built in Maiden Newton on The Quarr.

With only one access point, via Manor Farm Close, residents have raised concerns about the impact it will have on the village.

The application comes after a previous submission by the same company to build 20 houses was rejected last year. That application is being appealed.

Submitted by Mr Ian Sargent and Simply Town Planning Limited, the proposed site is near to the water meadows and road access runs past the village church St Mary's.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "The village do not want this.

"It's in a conservation area and it's going to harm the environment. Maiden Newton isn't against development, it just wants a say in where it's going."

According to the resident, there are 90 households objecting to the plans. The application is being heard on January 19 at the council offices in Dorchester at 1pm.

The resident said: "It's a rural part of the village, dog shows used to be there and children play there. In the plan, the access has two 90 degree bends and right by a medieval listed barn.

"The elderly walk along there into the village – it's the only safe passage into the village.

"If this housing development goes ahead there will be 60 vehicle movements a day. Service vehicles will struggle to get through the road if anyone is parked on the road.

"The area is part of the Frome Valley walk and it's going to be ruined."

The resident received advice from a conservation and heritage officer who she said was 'appalled' by the application.

The plan is being objected by residents as it is within an Area of Outstanding National Beauty, within the Maiden Newton Conservation Area and due to the effect it could on the nearby grade one listed church.

She said: "We do not want this. There isn't one resident who has written to say they want it.

"There's a huge number of issues that certain people seem to be ignoring. They don't come and look at the place – it's all done at their desktops. We are against any development on this field. Both applications are ghastly."

But in response to the previous decision, Mr Sargent has made alterations in accordance with rejections.

Outlined in the new planning application, he stated a reduction in the number of dwellings from 16 to nine, smaller sizes of properties with 'cottage like' features and the proposed built form has been pulled further east away from the setting of the grade I listed church.

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