A GIN that ‘evokes the feeling of being by the Dorset coast’ – well doesn’t that sound like the perfect tonic.

Businessman Andy Woodfield is the force behind a new spirit that could be coming soon, and bringing jobs to the county – Lilliput Dorset Gin.

And he’s taken to social media to share the set up process of the new spirit.

Andy said: “I have a house in Lilliput that I’m at most weekends. But I’d love to be able to get back to Poole and balance my London career with something more practical in Dorset, and hopefully create some local jobs.

“Our Lilliput Dorset Gin was inspired by the rosemary based Mediterranean gins that have taken the market by storm. Those gins evoke that summer, Mediterranean feeling of the sea, holidays, relaxation - we felt strongly that Dorset has those same beautiful feelings and emotions.

“At the moment it’s a concept and we for sure have lots of big challenges ahead if we are to get to a successful launch, but we’re loving the process and the huge interest we’ve already had at this very early stage.”

Andy said he’s incredibly passionate about capturing the spirit of Dorset in a bottle.

He said: “In this crazy world we seem to be living in I want to create something real, a product from where I grew up, something real, exciting and simple.

“I’ve also become super excited by the huge variety of new gins that have exploded onto the market, they really are all so very different, it’s fun to explore the different tastes and learn about why those particular ingredients were used - it’s a great exploration.”

And he firmly believes there’s enough room on the shelf for another bottle of gin.

The ambitious entrepreneur said: “I also feel that Dorset can use another gin, we have already some pioneering craft gins link Conker, but I’m convinced we have the space and excitement for more, especially something that evokes the feeling of being by the Dorset coast soaking up the deep fresh air and occasional sunshine.

“We would love to do our bit for our home town or county and support the creativity of our own people and the experiment.”

Keep an eye on the distilling process by following @Lilliput_Gin on twitter.

Andy said: “We want to share all the ups and downs of our story - which might be a bit crazy and it could all fall over, but we’d love folks to join us as we explore what Lilliput Dorset Gin could become.”