A musician who was killed in a hit and run accident will have his legacy remembered.

Andy Roberts, from Portland, was knocked down and killed by a motorcycle 11 years ago, aged 41.

A keen guitarist, Andy performed in Europe and America with his band Linus. Linus was formed by Jen Denitto and Andy, with vocalist Tammy Denitto and drummer Peter Frost, and played their first gigs in 1992.

Linus disbanded in 2005 after the sudden death of Andy and his former bandmates with on to play with a range of bands.

Andy’s daughter Sophie, 28, along with former members of the band, have worked hard to get his work released on Spotify - and now his work can be easily accessed by music fans.

Sophie said: “Dad was a guitarist but he also played bass and drums – a bit of everything. It’s really good that his work is now on Spotify. Me and my friend are working on a music video to go alongside it. It’s nice that it’ll be easily accessed. I’m very proud.

“My dad was constantly writing songs. He just loved music.”

Andy grew up on Portland and then lived in Weymouth before moving to London in 1989. He formed Linus in 1992 and the band continued to perform until Andy’s death in London in 2005.

Former bandmate Jen Denitto said: “He was always a musician. He was always writing songs, from when we first met until he died. He was an incredibly creative individual.

“He was very encouraging of other people and he got very excited by creative ideas. I left the band in 1999 but they continued to record. 2005 was an exciting time for the band and things really started to kick off.

“Andy was heading to a rehearsal on the day he died. It was a real shame and a great loss.” Spotify is now home to Andy’s work with Linus as well as his solo work.

Jen said: “His music is too good to be forgotten. Everyone seems to be using Spotify these days so it seems like a great way to keep his legacy alive and to inspire other people to create.

“It’s what would have made him happy. He would love to know he had inspired someone else.

“There was a lot of love for Andy. Weymouth was very much rooted in his identity and something about it influenced him a lot. Even though he left, his heart was always there.”

In June 2015, an “Andy Roberts Retrospective” exhibition was held at the Edwardian Cloakroom in Bristol, including live music. Following on from this, former band members Jen Denitto, Deb Van Der Geugten and Charley Stone played a gig together, billed as The Bass Players of Linus, in February 2016.

Everyone who appreciated the music of Linus in the 1990s or would like to sample it now finally have the chance.