Hi readers, this week I’m talking Six Nations Rugby! As I submit this on 10th March, England lead with 13 points followed by Ireland with 10. By the time this goes to print, the results will be different as matches will have been played last weekend. My guess is that we will be looking at a nail biting finish.

I’ve followed rugby all my life, and especially enjoy watching the six nations and World Cup. I’m an English supporter through and through, but do have a soft spot for Australia as my uncle lives over there.

For me, it’s an entertaining game because it has real end to end excitement. The mix of tries, drop goals, tackling, scrums and pace means non-stop drama with very fit and skilled players.

It’s been a great start so far in this six nations, especially with England currently in the lead. However, I was a bit surprised and not very impressed with the way Italy played last week. As Eddy Jones said after the game ‘whatever sport Italy were playing, it was not rugby’.

It does make me wonder if some of the rules should be changed so it’s played normally. For those of you who don’t know, Italy altered the traditional way the game is played. They kept within the rules but it wasn’t exactly sportsman-like. It’s a big talking point right now. What worries me is if it changes too much, and becomes less entertaining to watch, it may put people off. That can’t be good for the long term future of rugby. I’ll be watching this space with interest!

So, you know where I will be this weekend. My fingers are crossed for some very entertaining games and a good result for England.

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