A MOTHER-of two who lost her husband is raising awareness of his cancerous generic condition.

Today marks Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day and Sinead Feeney is spreading the message in the hope of saving more lives.

Lynch syndrome is an genetic condition that has a high risk of colon cancer as well as other cancers including endometrial cancer, ovary, stomach, small intestine, brain, and skin.

One in 340 people are affected, but of those only five per cent are aware that they have the condition. If you know you have Lynch Syndrome there are various screening tests that may detect cancers early, at a stage when they are treatable.

In 2012, Sinead's husband Paul was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He had emergency surgery and six months of chemotherapy but sadly, two years later, his cancer returned and he died in 2014 at the age of 35.

Sinead said: "Before Paul died he founded a charity called the Purbeck Workshop in Wool, where people affected by cancer can come to take part in a range of activities from tai chi to needle felting. The aim of the charity and its team of volunteers and artists is to provide distraction from the worries cancer brings. People who come along to the workshop find inspiration, friendship and a warm welcome.

"Another part of the mission of the Purbeck Workshop is to promote awareness of Lynch Syndrome."

Since its launch the workshop, which is located on Woolbridge Business Centre on East Burton Road, has been going from strength to strength and has even been named Sainsbury's Wareham branch Charity of the Year.

The porches and front gardens of the workshop will be illuminated blue today as part of the 'Turn it Blue' campaign for Lynch Syndrome.

Sinead added: "Paul had genetic testing which revealed that he carried the Lynch Syndrome gene and looking at his family tree revealed many cases of Lynch cancers.

"If Paul had been aware that he carried the gene causing Lynch Syndrome, his outcome may have been different.

"This Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day, we are keen to share knowledge and raise awareness. Knowledge is powerful as screening saves lives."

As the workshop continues into its third year, Sinead is celebrating with an evening of music by the Dorset for Singing choir and Drax Arms Guitar Club on Friday, April 21.

The event will start at 7.30pm at D’Urberville Hall in Wool. It is being sponsored by Meyers Estate Agents and all proceeds will be going to the workshop.

For advance tickets email trustees@purbeckworkshop.org or tickets can be bought on the door.

For more information about the workshop visit purbeckworkshop.org