Hi readers, this week I’d like to introduce our second guest writer, Matthew. He is a friend of mine and has a good story to share. 

Hi everyone, Matthew here. I asked William if I could write the column this week because I wanted to tell you all about something I’m very proud about. 

It’s to do with my work, which is in a local supermarket. My main duties are shelf stacking and cleaning shelves but I also do ‘meet and greet’ where I make customers feel welcome. I even crack really good jokes.

My egg jokes are the worst, but probably best I don’t talk about them today.  

Anyway, I work two days week and like to think I work hard. It can be quite difficult for people with a learning disability to get a job, so I am very pleased to have one, and that I love it!

I have even had positive feedback from customers, which made me feel very proud. Last year the Supermarket recognised my work and awarded me a Gold Service Superstar Award, for giving good service.

The presentation day was a big occasion in Exeter.  I went with some work colleagues and wore a suit. We had a bit of a lunch and then about 25 people were given an award. I had to go up on stage and shake the Area Manager's hand, then have my picture taken. It was a long day but worth it. 

It made me so feel proud of myself. My job has given me a lot of confidence and improved my self-esteem too. I hope I am setting an example to others, as I believe that if you work hard, it can make you feel great and give you good self-respect. It has for me.   

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