Hi readers, it’s William and Matthew here again this week. Rather a hard hitting subject as we’re talking about chemical warfare. A bit of a change from our usual topics!

When we were discussing what to write about this week, we both discovered this is a subject that interests and confuses both of us, mainly because it’s so frightening.  

We have seen, like you probably have too, the pictures on the news recently of the horrible scenes in Syria. It’s upsetting to see so many injured and dying people, especially children and babies. 

We don’t know if it was a good thing for Trump to retaliate but we do know that we would like to see the end of chemical warfare in our beautiful world. It’s hard for us to understand why people choose to destroy each other. We do think it must be very difficult for global leaders to reach peaceful agreements. 

We question how it may ever be possible to stop people fighting over things like religion or territory? We know that leaders here are working hard to make that happen, but we worry that if things get worse a chemical attack could even take place in Britain. 

In an ideal world, we would like to wave a magic wand so people would swap hate for love, cease fighting and learn to compromise. The world would be such a better place. We are sadly not magicians and so the best we can do is hope that the ongoing talks and actions will eventually reach peaceful settlements. We will keep watching the news and hope things get better in our lifetime.  

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