Hi readers, please welcome Matthew back this week, writing with me about Easter Monday football!

It started when the Friendship Club were invited by Allen Knott, a director of Dorchester Town FC, to watch a match. I, William, go to all the home games, so was keen to see some of my Friendship Club friends come along too.

I, Matthew, joined the group who went and really enjoyed my day. We arrived in good time and the weather was lovely. First we were shown round the club and were given a special badge to wear, which is now safe at home. We then met the Mascot (who looks like a big teddy bear), had our photos taken and were taken to our seats. The club really looked after us and it made me feel quite special. Everyone was so friendly and the football was good too!

In fact, the atmosphere of the game was amazing and though the match ended in a draw, it was very exciting as there were two penalties. Thankfully Dorchester will stay up this year. This is good as some of us hope we can go again next season as we had such a nice time.

It was really nice to see William there with his football friends, plus Jack (another of our Friendship Club members). Jack seemed to know everyone at the club and when Dorchester scored their penalty, the players all went and celebrated with him behind the goal – it was funny!

Allen said afterwards ‘The Friendship Club members really entered into the spirit of the afternoon and we were thrilled at the exuberant support they showed for our team. We do hope they come again.' We hope so too! Thank you Allen for a great afternoon! 

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