A DORSET landmark and ancient fertility symbol has inspired a new beer which is apparently supposed to boost sex drive.

Watercress Warrior is a union between west Dorset firms Cerne Abbas Brewery and The Watercress Company.

The tipple uses the seeds of the superfood as its key ingredient. As well as being rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, watercress is also known to increase virility.

The brewery’s logo of the famous Cerne Giant appears on the labels of the new beer.

To promote the beer, makers engineered it so the giant looked as though he was clutching a fistful of watercress for an aerial photograph.

The 180ft tall chalk figure is an ancient symbol of fertility and couples wanting to conceive have been known to visit the landmark.

So far 1,800 500ml bottles of Watercress Warrior have been brewed and are on sale in local shops and pubs.

The new Pilsner, which has a 4.5 per cent alcohol content, has been made using hops, watercress seeds and 1,000 litres of spring water taken from the natural springs at The Watercress Company’s farm at Waddock Cross.

The tipple is described as “a delightfully hoppy brew with a refreshing citrus bite which contrasts deliciously with the peppery hit of the watercress.”

James Harper, of The Watercress Company, said: “Cerne Abbas is one of the first places watercress was grown and also the location of a brilliant brewery, which we were very keen to work with.

“There is also of course the famous giant, who is supposedly an ancient symbol of fertility. We thought he was the perfect face of our brew.

“We decided to go out and take a few pictures of the giant clutching a fistful of watercress for a bit of fun.”

He added: “Watercress is a fabulous health food packed full of vitamins and nutrients that help boost fertility.

“The ale itself is delicious, it’s very fruity with a peppery kick.”

Cerne Abbas is well placed for brewing beer and growing watercress because of its natural underground springs.

Vic Irvine, head brewer at Cerne Abbas Brewery, said: “We love a challenge and were fascinated by the prospect of a watercress beer when The Watercress Company approached us.

“The fact that we can use spring water direct from the watercress farm adds to the story and local provenance.”