Hi readers, this week I want to talk about changes in Dorchester.

If you are local, and know Dorchester, you will have seen a lot of development in Poundbury and Dorchester over the last few years. Much of this has been at Brewery Square, which used to be a brewery run by the Eldridge Pope family.

If you are not local, Brewery Square is a smart new development of cafes, shops, flats, a cinema, gym, pubs and restaurants. There is even a pub which brews its own beer, very much in keeping with the square’s history!

I like Brewery Square as they have kept the character of the existing buildings so it still feels traditional. Carluccios, where I am writing now, used to be part of the brewery. Deputy Manager Duncan told us that his Mum worked here, along with many Dorchester people. As it’s a listed building, many original features were kept and so it is a really lovely building.   

I also love the square with its fountains in summer and the ice rink in winter. Kids play there and it’s great to see people having lots of fun. As you enter Brewery Square, a statue of a Dray Horse reminds us of the last Brewery barrel leaving the square. It’s quite special.

I also feel a lot safer there at Brewery Square night than I used to. The pub which was there didn’t always feel safe, but now I feel very comfortable visiting any of the places there.

But a word of warning, if you come to visit in the summer and have young kids - bring some towels. They can get very wet running around in the fountains!

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