Young entrepreneurs from a Dorset school have won a national award for the second time.

Business brains from Damers First School in Dorchester have won Young Enterprise’s Fiver Challenge, this time with two awards for Best Product and Best Group in creating an eco-product from scratch.

Young Enterprise aims to empower young people to harness their personal and business skills.

About 750 schools took part in the challenge, which introduces children to financial numeracy in a fun and engaging way.

Damers pupils saw off competition from more than 1,000 primary schools from across the country.

In the contest for Years 3 and 4, the Damers First group of 18 children had just one month to create, design, manufacture, market and sell their eco-product.

They came up with ‘Spick ‘n’ Span’ and their enterprise was funded with £5 from sponsors Virgin Money for each group member as start-up capital.

As part of their marketing plan, they enlisted the aid of Ridgeway Radio to publicise sales from their pop up shops in and around the county town.

Kyle, eight, told listeners the Spick ‘n’ Span name was his contribution because it described what the product does.

Nine-year-old Mary explained to listeners how she came up with the design for the team’s logo and how she helped with the point of sale material for the cleaning product, which dissolves in water.

The Damers Eco Club team leader is Edd Moore, whose group has sound business form; last year, Damers pupils won Best Group in the competition with a product for growing seeds called ‘Garden Grenades’.

The eco-friendly product was made up of recycled paper which was made into a pulp with wildflower seeds added then dried.

They were then placed into the ground to grow. Mr Moore said: “This is an amazing achievement by a group of children who have won a national award for the second year in a row.

“To have won two national awards this year at the National Fiver Challenge is unbelievable and I am so proud of the children in Damers Eco-Crew.

“All their passion, enthusiasm, hard work in planning, designing, making and selling has paid off.”

Damers Eco Crew will go on an all expenses day trip to London in September to pick up their awards.

They will also be selling their Spick ‘n’ Span product at the Dorset Food and Arts Festival in Poundbury on Saturday, August 5.