Hi readers,

This week I want to write about how brilliant I think the Last Leg is. For those of you who don’t know, the Last Leg is a chat show on Channel Four on Friday nights. It’s hosted by Adam Hills and his two co-presenters Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker.

As well as general news, they often cover politics and disability sport. They just make it so interesting and engaging, mainly because they look at things in a light-hearted way but still get the main points across.

Last week the programme was devoted to the para-athletics. I really liked this because they had Jonnie Peacock and Liam Malone (who are big rivals in the T44 100m) racing a toy car around the studio. It was really silly but very funny. They then had to do a competitive ‘rap’ which Jonnie won by a long mile.

Both Adam and Alex have a physical disability themselves and it’s clever how they all use humour to break down disability barriers, not necessarily deliberately but they are just spontaneously very funny.

Other weeks they will focus on politics, like during the big elections, but still make it entertaining. It can get quite heated sometimes, especially at the end of the show, but that’s not a bad thing.

Adam is hoping to come to Dorset to do a show for our members, and also a fundraiser. I hope that works out. Laura, who helps me edit this column, is talking with his team to find a suitable venue for the dates he’s free – but it is not so easy finding the right place which is big enough, accessible and available! I will keep you updated.

Next week I am going to talk to you about queuing, but you will have to wait until then. Ha ha!

See you then

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