An armed forces charity has launched a campaign in remembrance of the sacrifices made by men and women during the war.

The Royal British Legion (RBL) in Dorset has announced it will be supporting the Silent Solider campaign in honour of British troops who fought and died in the First World War 100 years ago.

Near life-size silhouettes of a First World War ‘Tommy’ will be fixed on buildings, gardens, fields, and roundabouts across the county, in remembrance of those in the armed forces who came home ‘silently’ from the war, as well as those who never made it home. 

Businesses and local authorities are being invited to support the campaign by sponsoring and displaying one or more silhouettes from September this year until late 2018, when the nation will commemorate the armistice and the end of the war. 

Ian Jarvis, community fundraiser for RBL Dorset, said: “The idea was the brainchild of our counterpart in Surrey, who have had amazing success marketing these across their county. 

“The Silent Soldier silhouettes have at their base the words 1914-1918 Lest We Forget but any business or similar undertaking can buy and sponsor a silhouette and have its company name incorporated in the base.”

Peter Wakeham of RBL Surrey, who came up with the idea, said: “The theme of this idea is ‘coming home’. 

“Silent Soldiers will appear just as the soldiers did in 1918 when they were coming home.

“This is to commemorate that and show respect to them. 

“We want people to see the soldiers, take an interest, and want to find out more about the war.

“We are hoping it will be adopted across the country.”

The Royal British Legion is marking the centenary of the First World War with a variety of commemorations and projects from 2014-2018 aimed at remembrance and education. 

Other projects run by the charity include Never Forgotten, 1,566 miniature sculptures created by British artist Nic Joly to mark each day that the war was fought, and Women at War 100, remembering the creation of the British Army’s first all-female unit in 1917. 

The soldier silhouettes are cut from black cut dibond and are tough and weatherproof. 

They will also be supplied with bolts and angle iron posts for free-standing display.

Flyers with details of the scheme are being handed out and the progress of the scheme will be reported on social media. 

Contact Ian Jarvis at 07827355042 or for more information and sponsorship details.