Patients were not treated with dignity or respect, medicines were not properly monitored and there were serious shortfalls in one person's end of life care provision, a report found. 

Following a recent inspection, Maumbury Care and Nursing Home in Dorchester has been deemed unsafe and given an overall rating of inadequate. 

Conditions were placed on the care home in February after the Care Quality Commission (CQC) deemed it ‘needed improvement’ and safety concerns were raised. 

However, the CQC conducted an unannounced inspection in June after serious concerns were raised by local authority safeguarding teams, healthcare professionals and resident's families.

In the recently-published report, CQC inspectors found the service unsafe, uncaring, unresponsive, poorly-led and some aspects of the service were not effective.

Staff did not always respond correctly when residents were in pain, residents did not always receive their medicines when required and risks were not always identified.

Inspectors noted one resident did not receive pain medication for 90 minutes after it was due, despite reporting to staff they were in pain. 

Proper medical advice was not sought for two residents who fell and hit their heads. 

One resident had a plan in place to be positioned in bed to ensure they were not in pain however inspectors found this plan was not followed.

Due to serious concerns, inspectors raised a safeguarding alert with the local authority for another person after finding shortfalls in the person's end of life care and condition monitoring. 

The report found people were not always treated with dignity and respect and some staff did not demonstrate a caring approach.

Inspectors found one resident, who required support with personal care, did not have their hospital identification wristband removed for five days. 

Inspectors observed one staff member enter a person's bedroom whilst they were receiving personal care without knocking. Another staff member made a telephone call whilst interacting with a resident.

Some staff were unable to tell inspectors important information relating to people's personal histories. 

One staff member said, "I think information about people's personal information is in their care plans, it's a shame I haven't had time to look at them."

The care home had not notified the CQC of two resident’s deaths since the previous inspection which is a legal requirement. 

The report found failings in the services administration, systems to ensure quality of care were inadequate, adequate improvements had not been made since the last inspection and people remained at risk of harm. 

The care home has now been given an overall service rating of inadequate and has been placed into special measures. 

The provider now has six months to improve the service or the CQC could begin enforcement action and prevent the provider from operating. 

A spokesman for Maumbury Care and Nursing Home, which is run by the Cheriton Care Centre, said: “Since this deeply disappointing inspection over two months ago we have been working tirelessly with our partners in local health and social care to make all necessary improvements. 

“Recognising the national shortage of over 22,000 nurses and this fact playing a crucial role in our ability to provide consistently good quality nursing care and staffing levels, we have decided to cease providing nursing care and focus solely on residential care.

“We are confident that with our new senior management structure in the home, and already implemented robust training and coaching programmes for all staff, that our present and future clients will receive the consistent quality of care they rightly expect, and that we commit to provide”.