I would like to respond to the letter 'Erratic bus service' by Tony Straw. 

First Wessex is currently fully staffed with drivers, but we are continuing to recruit for staff for our next increase in service in March 2018.

Furthermore, we also have the correct number of vehicles for our network in Dorset. We have introduced our Autumn service timetables using the same running times as we did last year, which worked well.

Unfortunately, this year we're experiencing more traffic congestion than could have been predicted and delays caused by the traffic light system at Five Ways. 

As a result, we will be introducing a new timetable soon to improve the punctuality. The service change will see less journeys per hour, but the timetable will be more reliable and robust.

Increasing levels of traffic congestion is a nationwide issue which affects every bus operator in the UK. The more bus priority measures (bus lanes, traffic light priority etc.) on our road network would help to deliver improved punctuality for bus users.

For any of our customers that have experienced a service that does not meet your expectations, we encourage you to get in touch. This can be done through our customer services department on 0333 014 3490, by email at firstsouthuk@firstgroup.com, or filling out our online First Bus Feedback form available on our website.

Simon Newport
General Manager of First Wessex