COUNCILLOR Jason Osborne (October 2) asks what can be done about the escalating violent assaults that are happening in Weymouth almost, it seems, on a daily basis.

Well, as most of these violent assaults are fuelled by alcohol (or in some instances an alternative drug of choice) one first step to curb it, would be to close all pubs and clubs in the town seven days a week at 12 midnight. 

Doing so, would help prevent those who have filled themselves up to the brim with alcohol roaming about the streets of Weymouth in the early hours of the morning searching for some hapless victim to attack. 

But of course, it was blindingly obvious (as is the case in most other towns) that when more and more pubs and clubs are handed out licences to serve alcohol 24 hours a day, the incidence of alcohol related assaults will rise. 

Just the same as when there are more and more cars on the roads, more people will either lose their lives or be seriously injured. 

Andrew Martin
Kitchener Road