AS A Dorchester resident I am pleased that the Labour party is getting more involved in Dorchester issues when they are not banging on about re-nationalisation.

It would be nice if our Liberal Democrat councillors lifted their eyes up from their bicycles and walking boots and started to think about the needs of all Dorchester residents and visitors in terms of the empty shops, the traffic congestion and the restrictions put on drivers both personal and business drivers (that they want to take credit for!) to in their words ‘make it easier for people to walk from South Street shops and head up to Brewery Square’.

Their attitude to the important issues facing Dorchester workers and residents is to put on more free shows in the park.

As a Conservative I would like the county council and the district council to concentrate more on the problems of Dorchester.

It is an exciting time for them, the county councillors are blissfully looking forward to the creation of the unitary authorities for Dorset and the district councillors are trying to quickly take some decisions while they can before the District Council disappears.

I welcome Peter Noble’s suggestion of a forum to provide the leadership that is missing. Using actual residents, market traders and local shop owners plus professionals who actually live and work in the town seems a promising idea. 

Council officials for highways and for planning have failed us so better leave them out.

Dr John R Calvert
Maumbury Square