Police have received important information about drug dealing and drug abuse in Weymouth after a new reporting initiative for residents was launched.

The poster scheme, which explains how drug related offences can be reported, was set up and funded by the Westham Community Group (WCG).

It is the result of a community meeting on drug dealing in the area following hundreds of needles being found on the Rodwell Trail and the Marsh.

Various agencies with the help of community development officer, Julie Hursthouse, got together to support the group in launching the poster.

The poster informs people who to contact in such cases and how to be proactive in dealing with drug misuse.

Chairman of WCG Andreas Scheffler said: “Residents were unhappy about the impact of drugs on the neighbourhood but unsure how to report it, or even if it would make any difference if they did.

“This poster is a simple and effective way of informing people who to contact to report any incidents or for advice on drug abuse .

“It also shows that Westham residents are willing to stand up for their community, to say enough is enough and report it.”

Since the launch of the poster Dorset Police has received several pieces of information from the community around drug dealing in the area.

In one case officers were able to identify and arrest a dealer from London while other investigations are still on-going.

A police spokesman said: “This confirms how important intelligence from the community is in helping the police to build a bigger picture and target drug network, and of course all information is treated as confidential.”

Councillor for Westham Christine James said “It is fantastic that the poster is already having an impact .

“It shows what a community can achieve when it works together. We have already had other community groups asking about the poster and there is no reason why it shouldn’t become a Weymouth wide initiative.”

Westham Community Group is holding a follow-up meeting to provide an update and an informal forum for people to ask questions, put ideas forward and discuss next steps.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, November 16 at 6.45pm at the Steps Youth Centre, Chickerell Rd.