A radio show designed to capture the nation’s conversation is heading to Salisbury Cathedral.

BBC producer Emma Colman and her team from BBC Wiltshire will be recording conversations for Radio 4’s The Listening Project at the cathedral this December.

Conversations will take place in The Listening Project’s purpose-built booth, which will be parked outside the Bell Tower Tea Rooms.

Producer Emma said: “This is a golden opportunity to the sort of conversations most of us would like to have with someone special before it is too late, or the subject gets forgotten.

“We usually say to people who ask about the Listening Project: If this was your last chance to have a conversation with someone, who would it be and what would you talk about?

“It’s also a unique opportunity to contribute to an oral archive of national significance. All conversation recordings will be held in the British Library, creating an insight for our children’s children and future generations into a life in our times.”

Listening project conversations have covered everything from living with Alzheimer’s to falling in love in the front seat of a Reliant Robin.

It could be someone with a fantastic story that you’d love them to share with the world or something that you’ve always wanted to discuss with someone close to you.

Some conversations have simply celebrated happy moments, or reflected on memories of a dearly departed friend.

Editor for BBC Wiltshire Mary Sanders said: “It’s a unique opportunity to capture an audio archive of our lives in Wiltshire today and the topics and subjects on our minds.”

BBC Wiltshire have been recording conversations for since September with the first series already on air.

Conversations recorded in Salisbury will be used for BBC Wiltshire’s Series 2 and 3.

The booth will be open from 10am to 5pm from Saturday, December 9 to Sunday, December 17.

If you have any queries regarding participating in the Listening Project or would like to see Emma’s step-bystep guidelines to taking part contact BBC Wiltshire on emma.colman@bbc.co.uk