A junior chapel choir wowed an audience in a charity concert at Sherborne Abbey.

The girls of the Knighton House Choir, from the school near Blandford Forum, performed to more than 350 people as part of the Dorset Schools Charity Concert.

The evening, organised by the Hazelbury Bryan Branch of the Royal British Legion, raised more than £14,000 for and Casting for Recovery which helps women recovering from Breast Cancer.

The youngsters where the only junior choir in the lineup of seven schools from across the county including young singers and musicians from The Blandford School, Claysmore School, Gillingham School, The Gryphon School, and Shaftesbury School.

Many of the choirs are seldom heard outside the confines of their own schools and rarely get the opportunity to perform to such a wide audience.

The purpose of the concert, beyond fundraising, was to provide young people with platform to perform and opportunity to shine and develop.

Organiser of the event Jeremy Moger said: “There were numerous accolades from members of the audience in praise of Knighton choir.

“From my perspective they are all little angels and just sang so beautifully. I cannot thank them enough and from the bottom of my heart.”

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