ENFORCEMENT officers are not always a popular sight in Weymouth - but this pair proved to be invaluable when they helped save a man's life.

Roger Anthony and Jake Brewer, who work for specialist environmental enforcement company 3GS, leapt into action when a man collapsed on the seafront.

The incident happened near Weymouth Pavilion when the man suffered a life-threatening hypoglycaemic attack.

Hypoglycemia is a diabetic episode when the blood sugar levels plummet.

The man was discovered by Mr Anthony who was on duty as a 3GS specialist environmental enforcement officer.

Mr Anthony gave him an initial sugar boost and summoned his colleague Jake Brewer.

Mr Brewer, who is a trained event medic and community first responder, administered glucose tablets.

He said: “My colleague found him and got him an initial sugar boost. I then arrived and administered glucose tablets. I then carried out a set of observations until the ambulance arrived.

“I am very glad when my first aid training can be put to good use to help people. I have left the ambulance service now, but remain a Community First Responder and I’m also an event medic with White Horse Safety in Weymouth.”

Cllr Ray Nowak, council spokesman for Environment and Sustainability, said: "I would like to thank this officer for his presence of mind, it was lucky they were passing and able to go to this gentleman’s aid."

3GS is responsible for issuing fixed penalty notices to anyone who throws rubbish onto the streets.