Lulworth Estate will review its litter signs after an ‘embarrassing’ translation error.

A number of signs in place at Durdle Door have been translated into Hindi incorrectly and are telling visitors to leave their ‘nonsense’ behind instead of their rubbish.

The error was flagged up by Puneet Sharma who posted a picture of one of the signs on Twitter, highlighting the mistranslation.

Caroline Sharp of Lulworth Estate said staff are working to amend the problem and will be checking a number of signs in place around the area.

She said: “Now we are aware of the error, we will do an audit of the signs in the area and will go around taking pictures then changing them when necessary.

“They will eventually be taken down and temporarily replaced with strip signs.”

Caroline said that Mr Sharma will assist the team to make sure the new signs are translated into Hindi correctly.

She added: “Thank goodness someone alerted us to it.

“We are trying to get to the bottom of where the sign was translated. We have been alerted to the fact it is incorrect and it is rather embarrassing.”

According to Caroline, the word ‘rubbish’ doesn’t have a direct Hindi translation, which caused the error.

Beach litter signs with Hindi translations were first introduced in the area in 2015 after the Bollywood film, Housefull 3, was filmed at Durdle Door.

The beach’s exposure on the big screen has led to what Caroline described as the “Bollywood effect,” with a huge influx of visitors to the area from South Asia.

She said: “We try make the signs accessible to other languages by including a number of different languages.

“We have seen an increase in the numbers of visitors from South Asia coming to the area due to the Bollywood effect. There has been a lot of filming on Durdle Door and in Lulworth.

"There is a big litter problem in Lulworth and we try to get people to dispose of their rubbish."

She added: “If you go to tourist attractions in Dorset, I bet we are probably not the only one with a mistranslation.”