“It's not every day you see two alpacas going into a lift.”

The adventures of a herd of these friendly four-legged animals will be thrust onto the public’s TV screens in a programme popular with lovers of the countryside.

Dorset-based farm Alpaca Adventure will feature in an episode of Countryfile next month in the show’s much-loved ‘Adam’s Farm’ slot. Over two days, presenter Adam Henson and crew filmed with farm manager Wendy Williams at the small holding just outside Shaftesbury, followed by a visit with the animals to Gracewell care home in Weymouth.

Wendy said: “It was the most exciting two days of my life. 

“It was really fun while they were filming. I did an alpaca walk with Adam and a few others, then we went to a local care home.

“Because it is a Christmas feature they have their bow ties on. 

“Adam makes you feel at ease as he’s just an ordinary man and a farmer himself.”

Visitors to the farm can go alpaca walking, and as well as care homes, the alpacas have been special guests at weddings. 

Wendy added: “I try and match the alpacas’ bow ties to the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses.

“We have all ages coming to walk on the farm. 

“The youngest visitor we’ve had was two and the oldest was 88.

“I have looked after the alpacas since they were 6 months old.”

Residents at the care home enjoyed a visit from the friendly creatures who were even confident enough to use the 

Esther Sheppard, home admissions adviser at Gracewell of Weymouth, said: “We booked the alpacas to come in and see the residents as it’s something a bit different – it’s not every day you see two alpacas going into a lift.

“Our animal therapy session was a really effective and engaging way to help bring back the memories of residents, as part of our Resources to Remember campaign.”

This was certainly the case for resident Dusty, who said: “I have a photo album full of different photos, including one of me with an Alpaca in 1964, and I can still remember it like it was yesterday.

“I am so lucky to live at Gracewell, they are so imaginative with the things they do for us.”

The episode will air on BBC1 on Sunday, December 10 at 6.20pm.