I FIRST saw The Kooks more than 10 years ago.

Squashed against the barrier at a school night gig, determined not to give up my front row spot, I fell in love with this unknown, youthful support act.

So to see them again, four albums down the line and as fully fledged headline artists in their own right, was a real treat.

And boy, they didn’t disappoint.

A mash-up of ‘70s and ‘80s songs heralded the band’s arrival, and they entered in style to The Clash, Rock the Casbar.

The smoky stage now illuminated with lights pulsating in time with the throbbing drum beat, they launched into old favourite Sofa Song.

Frontman Luke Pritchard was on fantastic form, and the crowd erupted as he led us through the punchy recent single Be Who You Are.

Next, we swung all the way back to the first album for Ooh La. And so the night went on, as the foursome rattled through their impressive catalogue.

They have matured since their debut album Inside In/Inside Out, but luckily without losing their energy and rock-and-roll edge.

Curly haired Pritchard is more confident than ever, and possesses an easy superstar swagger that drove the fans wild, notably on the fun Westside and Do You Wanna.

The BIC remained a sea of dancing, crowd-surfing and chanting throughout Forgive and Forget, Shine On and Junk of the Heart.

No one was prepared to leave without an encore, and everyone got their phones out for a torch-lit rendition of Seaside. ‘Did we forget a few songs?’ Pritchard joked.

The Kooks might have just finished their fifth album, but they could only really end with one song - the ever popular Naive.

Confetti poured from the ceiling onto the exhausted fans dancing on the floor, and brought the night to a euphoric close.

Have The Kooks still got it? Definitely - in bucket loads.