Stunned children and parents arriving at school found they had been transported into the magical world of Narnia.

Staff at The Prince of Wales School in Dorchester spent the weekend transforming the school into scenes from the fabulous fantasy realm.

Speaking about the transformation, headteacher Gary Spracklen said: "We have an incredible staff team here at The Prince of Wales School who always go above and beyond to inspire our children to learn.

"They have surpassed themselves and created a truly awe-inspiring makeover. Children will be spending a day writing, using both the visual stimulus of the makeover and some ‘unique guests’ to engage all children in some special pieces of writing."

School literacy co-ordinator, Sam Johnson, added: "Every single one of our children pushed their way into Narnia through the wardrobe door. As they moved aside the fur coats, they were greeted by Mr. Tumnus the faun.

"The children were careful not to be frozen solid by the Ice Queen who was lurking behind the corner and were left inspired by the tale that unfolded live in front of them. It was an incredible experience for all involved."

Parents and carers were amazing at the transformation and said their children loved it.

Parent Darren Orchard said: "This is another excellent example of how the school is going above and beyond our expectations. This will be forever in the memory of our children."

Joanna Anderson, also a parent said: "What an amazing start to the Christmas month.

"We are so lucky our children attend The Prince of Wales School. A huge thank you to Mr. Spracklen and all the staff."

Mr Spracklen added: "The school will remain like this until Christmas now as part of a project to encourage children to become good writers like C S Lewis, who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia."